Happy Birthday!


My lack of professional writing skills will be obvious to many, so I will clear the air with a truthful admission; this is my first time to write a blog. There is a relief after one expresses truth, so, why isn’t it done more often? Perhaps we fear pain, rejection, isolation that is certainly valid; after all, we want to remain a part of the pack. I spent years hiding myself for many of the aforementioned reasons with a sprinkling of others. June 16th of this year, I celebrated my 50th birthday, in Marfa, Texas, at a place that feels like my spiritual home, El Cosmico. It is not coincidence that once again, at a time of new beginning, El Cosmico was the starting point of my self-journey. July 2010, I was experiencing chaos and fear much like June 2017, but this time I would leave a very different person.

I am a photographer, using the camera to capture moments, suspend time, and tell stories. Combining my photos and words is my attempt to communicate and connect with the world around me. Why did I choose this photo? It is black and white, and our lives are not. My body is a canvas in which each tattoo is a visual reminder of healing. I have carried many a burden on my back. That summer morning as the water fell upon me; I washed away the fear of what others think.

Maybe you are on a new journey and could use some company, or if voyeurism is your thing then See Texas with Me.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Incredible!! The picture and the writing.
    I’m so excited for you and anxious to read each piece you write.
    I truly could read your writing forever and your beautiful pictures are still the first I awake to, beautiful!
    You are gorgeous inside and out!


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